• Locally Roasted Matador Coffee + Cups, Sugar, Stirrers + Cream
    (10) 10oz Cups | $18

breakfast burrito platter

  • Baked Eggs, Potatoes, Muenster Cheese, Fresh Avocado, Crispy Bacon Burritos w/ Homemade Green Salsa. 12 Burrritos cut into half. Serves approximately 10-13 people. | $75

chorizo breakfast burrito platter

  • Chorizo, Baked Eggs, Potatoes, Cheese, Fresh Avocado Burritos w/ Homemade Green Salsa. 12 Burritos cut into half. Serves approximately 10-13 people. | $80

lox platter

  • House-Cured Salmon, Fresh Jicama-Red Onion-Carrot Salad, Capers, Fresh Tomatoes, Cream Cheese drizzled with Olive Oil, Salt and Cracked Pepper served with Everything Bagels. Served as your choice of deconstructed or sandwich style. Full Serves approximately 8-10 people.
    Half $70 | Full $85


  • Our in-house baker can make muffins, scones, cookies, danishes or you name it.


  • Everything or Plain Bagels including Cream Cheese. Serves approximately 10-12 people.
    (1) Dozen $30

mascarpone nutella cheesecake

  • Homemade with Almond Crust, Mascarpone Cheese + Nutella topping. Serves approximately 7-10 people.
    8" Pie | $60

sandwich loaves

  • Any of our delicious sandwiches served on artisan ciabatta bread. Long loaf style sandwich cut into (8) 1.5 Pieces. Serves approximately 4-6 people.
    Each Loaf $40

    Add a side of ketel chips or fresh greens for $12.

bruschetta platter

  • Our bruschetta platter includes an assortment of toppings on ciabatta bread. Each platter consists of 12 whole slices of bruschetta cut into 3rds (40 bite size pieces). Full serves approximately 10-12 people. $45

cheese plate

  • Selected Cheeses + Fruits + Nuts & Artisan Bread. Full serves approximately 8-12 people
    $65 full | $35 half

chop salad bowl

  • Chicken or Tuna, Greens, Avocado, Tomato, Egg, Bacon + Bleu Cheese Dressing. Full serves approximately 10-12 people.
    $70 full | $40 half

chicken raspberry salad bowl

  • Chicken, Greens, Walnut, Apples, Gorgonzola + Raspberry Vinaigrette. Full serves approximately 10-12 people.
    $65 full | $33 half

caprese salad platter

  • Fresh Mozzarella, Basil, Tomato + Balsamic +
    Olive Oil.
    $60 full | $35 half

catering information

Orders must be placed 2-days in advance. The order will be confirmed via email before it is finalized.

For catering inquires, please email us.