Narcissism and devaluing others: An exploration of impaired control over drinking as a mediating mechanism of alcohol-related problems

Content The Link Between Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Alcoholism Vulnerable Narcissism and Alcohol Outcomes Grandiose and Vulnerable Narcissism: Associations with Alcohol Use, Alcohol Problems and Problem Recognition Psychological Effects of Alcoholism What are Alcohol Abuse and Narcissism? What is alcoholism? The researchers found that grandiose narcissism, i.e., overt narcissism, was a positive predictor of alcohol […]

The Dangers of Binge Drinking Health Encyclopedia University of Rochester Medical Center

Content Anxiety in Children and Teens What’s the Difference Between Binge Drinking and Alcohol Use Disorder? Treatment Results Binge Drinking Definition Binge Drinking Hurts Our Hormones Everyone can contribute to the prevention of excessive alcohol use. A supportive friend or adult could help you to avoid pressure situations, stop drinking, or find counseling. Binge drinkers […]

3 Reasons Why You Are Bored Without Alcohol

Content How To Stop Being Bored After Stopping Drinking What Drinking as a Teenager Does to Their Brain Find a grownup drink Don’t spoil things that are already fun Should You Quit Smoking While Recovering from Addiction? Despite its negative impacts, more Americans than ever consume alcohol regularly, especially women and minorities. However, because it’s […]

Long-Term vs Short-Term Rehab: Whats Recommended?

Content How Long is Detox? What to Expect in Long-Term Treatment Why does length of time matter in rehab? You are unable to access Sometimes Even Friends Can Lead to Substance Abuse Relapse in Baltimore Addressing these mental health challenges and developing critical skills for coping with stress, cravings, negative emotions and discomfort is […]

Alcohol Withdrawal Seizure an overview

Content Alcohol-Related Brain Damage Withdrawal Seizures Types of Alcohol-Related Brain Damage Can Alcohol Withdrawal Cause Seizures? Can Alcohol Cause Seizures? If you or a loved one is looking to start the journey of recovery from alcohol use disorder, Pinnacle Peak Recovery is here and ready to help. We offer every step of the process, from […]

Abstinence Wikipedia

Content What Does It Mean to Be Sober? Possible risk factors ▪ Avoid Alcohol Problems With Abstinence From “Normal” Behaviors Reasons for Abstaining or Limiting Drinking: A Developmental Perspective Health Benefits of Sobriety In contrast, a harm reduction approach allows people to gradually reduce the number of drinks they consume each day,  without requiring the withdrawal […]

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